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Interview techniques

There are no second chances, first impressions count, make sure the impression you give is the right one, read on to find out how.


Research the organisation you will be meeting, look at their website or request an annual report or brochure this will give you adequate information about their products/services, turnover and number of employees. Think about the skills, qualifications and experience that you have and those that are required for the position then think of how your skills and experience can be applied to the role. Be sure you can confidently give examples of how your skills are applicable. An interview is a two way meeting, prepare some questions to ask at the interview, leave salary and benefit questions until you reach the short list.

Dress Code & Appearance

Smart business dress is a must, and of course well groomed which means, clean shoes and tidy hair. Don't overdo perfume, aftershave, makeup or jewellery it will only detract from what you have to say.

How to get there

Plan your journey in advance, ensure you have a map or directions and the telephone number of the organisation so that you can telephone in the event of a delay.

The Interview

The interview is your opportunity to convey your skills and abilities, however don't be in a rush to give away all the information in one go. Think about the interviewers questions carefully, there is no need to respond immediately, silence can be used tactically, pause for thought if need be and formulate your answers carefully.

Body Language

Body language is instinctive, you may say one thing, but your body language may convey a contradictory message entirely. For example shaking hands can give an immediate impression, of your frame of mind, ensure you hand shake is firm and confident. Eye contact shows self confidence and upright posture slightly leaning forward shows interest and confidence. Explanatory hand gestures reveal a relaxed frame of mind. However different cultures have different norms of body language and personal space, this may be something you need to consider at your interview.

Listening Skills

As the interviewee you will be expected to do about 80% of the talking, however make sure you hone your listening skills, you can find out a lot of information from the interviewer. Be prepared to ask questions based on information that the interviewer imparts.




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